榮獲 2021 美國 MUSE Design Awards 金獎

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榮獲 2021 美國 MUSE Design Awards 金獎

感謝 2021 美國 MUSE Design Awards 評審團肯定,作品 【Tranquility】獲得 金獎 肯定. 獲獎作品官方連結: Tranquility

Since 2015, the MUSE Design Awards are given to the outstanding designers, praising their creativity and innovation in architectural, interior, fashion, transportation, product, packaging, lighting, concept, and landscape designs.
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Taiwan   |  2021   [MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner] Tranquility  Entrant Company  |  Simple Design Studio  Category | Interior Design  Sub-Category | Residential


The construction is by the Touqian River‘s riverbank of Zhubei City. The sight outside the window is the vast sky and the endless river with the warmth from the sunlight and the shivering river. When the spring wind blows, the river starts to glow, we can feel a piece of vibrancy. As to the inside of the mansion, the clients prefer a square-shaped and straight line with elegant ornaments. Furthermore, the main color of the house is modest but still warm so that we can feel a sense of peace when stepping in. The mansion is located by the riverside of Zhubei City. You can see the vast green grasslands and endless river water from the windows, moreover, if gazing further, the whole city will show itself to you. Therefore, the nature of ink drafting has become the building’s inherent advantage and highlight. In response to this view, the designer has built the space with upright and foursquare lines and gentle, neat colors. Also, the designer has painted the TV semi-wall with special paint so as to turn the open study room into a transparent, bright space. In addition, connecting the living room and the open study with a double-load corridor so that the TV wall is used as a partition. At the end of the corridor, a glass window is used to separate the bedroom from another so as to extend the views and lights. In order to build a simple and methodic space, the designer has got rid of the door knots and replaced all of them with sliding doors or slanted ones so that the space is much more commodious visual. Moreover, the straight lines that the designer has managed setting forth the core concept of the architecture, tranquility, as the promising ambiance fitting into nature.